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Dear ARLIS/NA colleagues,

Below is information about the new art history organization mentioned at the
San Antonio session "Keeping Pace With the New(est) Art Histories".

--Lyn Korenic
  Head, Arts Library

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Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 14:29:10 -0500
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Subject: Association for Art History

I thought CAAH subscribers might be interested in the following:

Bruce Cole Co-President
Association for Art History
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ASSOCIATION for ART HISTORY Statement of Purpose

The Association for Art History brings together academic art historians,
museum professionals, and independent scholars
and critics who share a central concern with the work of art and its
history. It reaffirms the significance of art history as a rigorous
humanist discipline that embraces scholarly and critical standards of the
highest order. Through its journal, its newsletter, and the professional
conferences it organizes, the Association seeks to provide regular
occasions for the sharing of insights derived from systematic study of the
aesthetic, thematic, and contextual aspects of art. It strives to
accomplish this through discussion which is free of jargon, ephemeral
ideology and doctrinal rigidity. By fostering openness and diversity of
inquiry, the Association creates a forum for art historians from all
fields. Furthermore, by asserting the importance of the philological,
humanistic, and scholarly aspects of art history as a research discipline
and by insisting upon the centrality of the art object itself, the
Association nurtures and sustains the venerable but ever-maturing
discipline of art history. In an age that is glutted with images yet in
many ways visually illiterate, the Association fosters an intellectually
coherent approach to the comprehension of the object, its image and its


-- Professionals working in art history who are centered
   on issues both relevant and particular to the field.


-- To bolster and protect the basic tenets of our discipline.

-- To encourage the writing of the history of art in a clear and
   jargon-free manner.

-- To foster a well-grounded understanding and appreciation of the formal,
   contextual, and aesthetic aspects of the history of art.


-- Associating under this broad allegiance and welcoming art historians and
   scholars from across the spectrum, the Association for Art History will
   focus on the specific interests and concerns of its members.


-- To form a new association for scholars at colleges and universities,
   museum directors and curators, critics, independent scholars, and
   graduate students.

-- To hold annual scholarly meetings.

-- To provide a professional newsletter for all AAH members.

-- To establish a scholarly journal.