A patron needs to find the source of an engraving. Here is her query:

"I am currently writing an article for "Dress", the journal of Costume
Society of America.  For this I'm trying to locate a print that was used by
a former Dean of the Philadelphia College of Art, Edward Warwick, in his
book, Early American Dress, published in 1965 by Benjamin Blom (New York),
and co-authored by Henry C. Pitz and Alexander Wyckoff.  I'm hoping that you
can help me with this mystery, as the publisher is no longer in business and
all there authors are long dead.

On p. 175 of Early American Dress, there is an engraving called "A Section
of The Petticoat or The Venus of 42 and 94" that identifies the left-hand
side of the engraving as being by Hogarth.  The right-hand side of the
engraving says it is by "Lady C. C'l", which I know as a misidentification
as Lady Charlotte Campbell is the subject of the engraving, not the artist".

I am unable to locate the information. Please send replies to:
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Thank you.
-- Mary Louise Castaldi
  ILL/ Reference Librarian
  University Libraries
  University of the Arts
  320 S. Broad Street
  Philadelphia, PA 19102
  215-717-6283/ 215-717-6287(fax)
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